FICTION/ 2016 / 80 min

Todo lo que
veo es mío

Having already revolutionized world art in both Paris and New York, Marcel Duchamp decided to move away from the world centers of art to undertake, together with his friend Yvonne Chastel, a long trip to Argentina in 1918. The year he lived in Buenos Aires is one of the least known stages of his brilliant career.

Set in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century, Todo lo que veo es mío reconstructs, using the letters he wrote to his friends and sisters, the mysterious and surprising stay of the famous French artist in that city.

The characteristics of a society far away on the map, but close to the European customs of the time, surprise, delight and outrage a man whose talent and intelligence changed art forever.

What did the creator of the famous readymades do in a city that was then beginning to arouse the interest of the world? What surprises awaited him when he came into contact with its people and customs? A period reconstruction to illuminate one of the lesser-known stages of the great French artist.

Mariano Galperín
Romás Podolsky


Year: 2016       80 min 


Michel Noher, Malena Sánchez, Julieta Vallina, Guillermo Pfening, Julia Martínez Rubio, Luis Ziembrowski, Iván Moschner