DOCUMENTARY / 2021 / 90 min

La voz del viento

“La Voz del Viento” is a documentary based on the life and music of Raúl Barboza; one of the most important exponents of Chamamé music in the world.

For the celebration of his 80th birthday, and far from believing that this stage is the culmination of a cycle, the film attempts to approach the most passionate, vital side of his life as expressed in the making of his music and the need to give a spiritual message to those who listen to it.


Daniel Gaglianó


Year: 2021   90 min


Antonio Tarragó Ros, El Chango Spasiuk, Juanjo Domínguez, Luis Carlos Borges, Renato Borguetti, Ramiro Gallo y Hermeto Pascoal